Foot ulcers a very common for diabetic suffers. It occurs most often on the ball of the foot or on the bottom of the big toe. Ulcers can also occur on the side of the foot, but this is usually due to poor fitting of the shoes.

Even though some ulcers may not hurt, but it is advise that you see your health care provider right away. This is because neglecting ulcers can result in infections, in turn leading to bone infections that may lead to loss of a limb.

To properly diagnose your ulcer, your health care provider may take x-rays of your foot to make sure that your bone is not infected. They may also help you thoroughly clean away any dead and infected tissue in and around the ulcer area. Your health care provider may also request a culture of the wound to find out what type of infection you have and then provide you with an antibiotic that will work best.

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